Aspire Ventures... The Team

Swaminathan K,
Founder and CEO


Swaminathan K, Founder and CEO, Aspire Ventures, is a Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and a specialist in Internet, Mobile and Social Media technologies.

He was the Secretary of the IT Wing of the AIADMK from Feb 2014 to March 2016

Swaminathan is also the founder of, India’s largest online Business School that trains over 1 Million learners in the areas of Business, Management & Entrepreneurship.

An alumnus of IIM Bangalore, Swami has been passionate about incubating transformational business ideas and nurturing them into commercially viable and scalable business ventures. Drawing from his vast experience Swami also provides advice to Individuals & Organizations in Designing & Executing Communication & Brand Building Strategies using modern technologies. Early in life, Swaminathan was inspired by the belief that a country's youth are its torchbearers; and that, true nation building can begin only with quality education and training.

Swami's passions led him to a startup in the online education space, in fact, India's first e-learning portal – The company built tremendous amount of traction in the early stages and raised over US $ 12.5 mn in the form of VC Funding. This company was later bought out by NIIT in the year 2001.

In 2002, Swaminathan realized the huge demand for high quality education in Tier 2 and 3 cities and launched Aspire Learning to help children learn fundamentals of science and mathematics through a blended learning format.

Within a very short span, built the 'Aspire' brand as the most preferred Education Services provider in its segment. Over a period of seven years he had built multiple businesses within the aspire eco system and by 2009, the group had seven different companies with presence in about 63 locations globally.

He then launched SmartLearnWebTV, a web-based platform to disseminate knowledge of accomplished and experienced professors, directly to students through unique technology that could offer high quality video lessons with close to zero buffering. The cost effectiveness of the internet enabled Swami to price courses for as low as one rupee a day. It was a revolution in the education space in India.

SmartLearnWebTV very soon became the most popular service provider in its segment and enrolled about 10,000 students. This company was acquired by a bigger education company that was listed on the BSE.

Swami realized that his strength was in boot strapping and building an idea into a workable business model and hence has been following his passion to start a company, build it up to a reasonable size, and exit it to allow somebody who can scale it up to a greater level.

Having realized his love and passion for startups, Swami founded Aspire Startup Ventures with a vision to incubate, fund and mentor revolutionary business ideas and transform them into viable, scalable and successful businesses, thereby, helping aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Leveraging on his consulting experience coupled with his hands-on knowledge in building successful businesses, Swami has been mentoring and coaching many companies at different levels and helping them attain business leadership.

Swami is also a seasoned NLP practitioner and peak performance coach and specializes in attitudinal transformation and Change Management. He has consulted various MNCs, Blue Chip companies & Government bodies across industries and functions prior to commencing his entrepreneurial journey.

Swami brings tremendous value to Individuals, Teams and Organizations in the form of Professional Mentoring & Coaching, Consulting and Training.

Swami has been instrumental in coaching CXOs of companies at different phases of the Growth Curve and enabled them create successful enterprises.