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Chennai, 29/May/2002
Aspire learning launches personalised eduware

* Learning is getting personalised, thanks to new developments in the field of education. In the process, both teaching and learning are being redefined.

Chennai-based aspire learning company, an education services firm founded by group of management pros and academic experts, seeks to blend methodology, content and technology to offet personalised learning services to students. For this, the company is in the process of establishing a chain of 'Aspire Learning centres'. Each one of these centres will offer a bouquet of educational services under 3 categories.

Aspire Direct : Focuses on one -to-one learning based on individual learning profiles, wherein the teachers will visit a student's residence and offer the services.

Aspire Challenger Series : Will focus on an objective evaluation and tracking mechanism to help evaluate students' retention, application and understanding capabilities; and

Aspire Dreams : Will help student realise their dreams by offering training relating to professional courses, entrance and other competitive exams.

The company feels that, while the individual learning styles of students are different, today's education system provides very little scope for personalised learning methods. Hence Aspire's education services, which include customised testing and evaluationtools, are targeted at enhancing the academic performance of students through a personalised approach'. The centres will not be another tuition centre and the system adopted will not be bookish at all," asserts Mr K Swaminathan, head, buisness development, Aspire Learning Company.

It intends to focus on the TamilNadu market in its first year of operations. While the target is to have at at least 25 such learning centres across the state by June end, it has already signed agreements for about 15 centres in the past one month of its operations.