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Chennai, 07/Oct/2006
Babies from the foetal stage to six years of age have a tremendous potential to learn and their intellect only has to be unleashed, I says Cheryl D'Souza

* Babies can do more than gurgle, dribble and burp! If you tap, your baby's potential early enough, his abilities may amaze you.

Studies have shown that, even in the foetal stage, your baby is aware of his environ­ment and is capable of ab­sorbing information.While some mothers make use of this informa­tion by talking to their un­born child, others attempt to impart a love for classical music or literature by play­ing the former and reading the latter aloud during their pregnancy. Known as the 'Mozart Effect' this practice is believed to stimulate de­velopment of the child from the womb itself.

Putting together theories of baby intelligence Aspire Learning started the -My Smart Baby training pro­gramme, which aims to nur­ture the innate genius of every baby!

Swaminathan K, CEO of aspire Superkidz, believes that every baby is a born ge­nius and his or her potential depends on an early intro­duction to learning.

According to him new borns possess amazing and mysterious abilities that the world by and large is un­aware of. He explains that the human brain is made up of two parts, the right and the left hemispheres. While the left brian's functions are reasoning, logic and analy­sis, the right brain has the capacity to achieve things beyond logic and reasoning.

It has been shown that the new born has incredible capacities of the right brain. Coupled with this is the fact that their brain cycles are mostly in the Alpha level, which is responsible for su­per focus and concentration. This combination is perfect for learning to take place.

The My Smart Baby Pro­gramme trains mothers (of children between 3 months to 4 years) to help unleash the right brain potential of their babies and help them become super achievers lat­er in life.


If all this sounds a-bit far- fetched, preliminary results of the programme are impressive.

Sowmya Rajasekhar a fashion designer, who en­rolled in the My smart baby programme conducted in Bangalore recently went back home armed with her smart baby kit (a set of pic­ture, language and maths cards to be shown to the baby sequentially). One week into the training and she is happy to note that her baby Reyna (10-months-old) has started recognising some cards. Additionally she reports that apart from the learning she is also thrilled about the connec­tion that the training ses­sions have established be­tween mother and child.

Ruthless world

Ten-month-old Janita, a smart baby from Kuala Lumpur can do basic addi­tion and recognise up to 500 words. The oldest smart baby in India, Avinash, (10­years-old), studying in class 6 at Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Chennai is a consistent first ranker in his school and also performs well in games. Al­though results are not con­clusive and longitudanal studies of participants have not been carried out, the smart baby training pro­gramme is extremely popu­lar.

Madhumati N (Director of Aspire Learning) who has been conducting such pro­grammes for about a year, says that the last pro­gramme she undertook in Chennai had participants from India, Japan, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia.

In a world that is ruth­lessly competitive, few mothers it seems, are will­ing to pass the opportunity of giving their baby an early advantage in life.

As Sowmya puts it­, "Every mother wishes her child to be successful." Still not convinced? Ask a smart baby. He understands the word 'success' already!